For over two decades, I’ve led successful teams, launched multiple organizations, and created innovative solutions that helped improve people’s lives. Solid leadership practices taught me the value of implementing tools that build team confidence while experience has taught me the importance of seeking gifts within each challenge. Our diverse teams leverage innovative product lines to support customers who appreciate our ability to anticipate curves in the road and navigate accordingly. As we all experience the “new norm”, how can leaders build confident employees who embrace the gift of struggle?

Transforming problems into opportunities requires a spirit of vulnerability (from both leaders and employees). When you instill confidence in the workplace, there’s often no stopping success. One way to support employee confidence is to provide ongoing career development programs. These programs often foster a culture of personal responsibility and provide tools that help employees see the gift within each struggle. When leaders are able to identify areas of opportunity and pivot accordingly, maintaining a competitive edge is often the reward.

My hope is to provide thought provoking examples of practices that historically guided our family of businesses towards results. Because one of our company core values includes being a contribution to others, I’m excited to post information in an effort to provide resources for not only my team, but anyone interested in exploring and exchanging ideas around innovative leadership strategies. I invite you to share your questions and thoughts. I look forward to engaging with you further and hope you enjoy this first topic, 3 Ways to Build Confident Employees.

3 Ways to Build Confident Employees

1. Give More Than You Ask

Bosses with an “I lead, you follow” command style risk losing talented employees. Instead, my leadership team and I believe in bringing a spirit of compassion to the table – a process which we found to bring rewards and business growth. Our executive team and I focus on giving more to employees than we ask of them. This approach includes demonstrating how much we believe and acknowledge every step made in the right direction. We also believe failure is a good teacher and accept that change isn’t always easy. Repeated recognition (repetition is the mother of learning) can foster courage and confidence within others. Take a moment to reflect. Do you give more than you ask of your employees? In what ways do you demonstrate appreciation in the workplace?

2. Invite Employees to “Speak their Truth”

How often do you invite your employees to speak their truth? If you’re interested in creating a confident culture (more than just echo chambers), leaders must first be warned. Encouraging employees to “speak their truth” comes with additional responsibilities including being aware of how you react when new information is received. Whether you agree with each idea shared or not, be mindful to not show visible frustration in the moment. Thanking your staff for sharing opinions has the potential to invite collaborative thinking – a powerful tool. Curbing defensive reactions and expressing yourself in a calm way helps employees build confidence. Take a moment to reflect. When was the last time an employee spoke their truth to you? How did you respond and in what ways did you show gratitude?  

3. Communicate Clear Goals

Consider your company priorities. Does everyone know the topmost pressing concern they need to help resolve? Challenges faced come with their own struggle yet these opportunities also present gifts (i.e., growth opportunities, new ideas, lessons learned). Be present with your staff and do your part as an effective leader to communicate clear goals to ensure alignment. Pay attention to how you direct people about what you’d like them to do or not do. Communicate with open and positive statements that express what they could do – instead of limiting actions by telling employees what they can’t do. Take a moment to reflect. Are you currently communicating company goals efficiently and effectively?

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