It’s no secret that maintaining a competitive edge requires a team’s ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry. Since our diverse teams represent technological and innovative medical solutions, we believe in the importance of fostering a culture of open-minded leadership throughout our family of companies. While maintaining open-mindedness isn’t always easy, it’s an important skill for everyone to continually develop. If business evolution leads to reinvention and growth, what steps can leaders take to remain open to new ideas, perspectives, and solutions in 2021?

On the simplest level, open-mindedness means being receptive to new ideas and new information. While initial judgments around new ideas aren’t bad, “limiting judgments” can be detrimental to the success of your company. Did you know that some studies show those who consider themselves experts in their field tend to be some of the most closed-minded people to alternative viewpoints? 

Successful leaders know that open-mindedness is foundational to both good decision-making and organization-wide engagement. The good news, openness is not an inherent trait – it’s a learned one. Just as you once learned how to balance a corporate budget, you can learn to let go of preconceived notions and approach openness with a spirit of curiosity. Consider starting with these five tips.      

5 Ways Leaders Can Keep an Open Mind

  1. Be mindful of how past judgments or experiences might be limiting you, your team, or your company. 
  2. Demonstrate and promote respectful disagreement within your organization when new ideas immerge.  
  3. Stay present when listening to new ideas.    
  4. Consider the possibilities. Find balance by identifying both pros and cons of proposed solutions.  
  5. Give new ideas time to cultivate.

Openness is important in leadership overall because it speaks to what people want and expect if they are to feel some sense of ownership and emotional connection to your organization. Everyone benefits when they know what’s going on, and more importantly, when they feel heard.

Take ActionWhat specific steps will you take this week to elevate the importance of open-mindedness in your workplace?     

Brandon Rouse, CEO of ZB RX Medical

Brandon Rouse leads a diverse and growing team of professionals well-versed in the challenges facing healthcare today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, Brandon’s experienced team represents various technological and innovative medical solutions. ZB RX Medical is a direct distributor of Zimmer Biomet