Many would agree that the world of work has changed more since 2020 than it has in the past ten years. We learned that what worked in the past may not work in the future. If 2020 taught leaders anything, it’s that we need to be future-ready … but how?

Futurist Jacob Morgan interviewed over 240+ CEOs and surveyed 14,000+ people to uncover what he coins, “the 9 most crucial skills and mindsets for leading in the future of work”. These mindsets explain characteristics he believes leaders should have. Morgan offers a vision of corporate servant-leaders who find motivation in long-term visions and humane ideals. In his publication, The Future Leader, he also mentions concerns around leaders who aren’t committed to meaningful change. In his body of work, he shares that most millennials polled (75% of the 2030 workforce by the way) seek employers with high ethical standards and transparency – Morgan also shares that consumers are overwhelmingly more loyal to transparent businesses. If you are a leader in today’s market, are you prepared to run a purpose-driven organization equipped for the future?

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As an Executive within the Rx Medical organization (an independent sales agent for approximately 40+ medical device manufacturers, including Fortune 500 medical companies such as Zimmer Biomet, Orthofix and Breg), we offer medical support devices and services for surgeons and their teams. Our family of businesses bring innovation and medical technology advancements to the clients we serve and that requires us to be prepared to evolve with the times.

9 Mindsets and Skills to Succeed in the Next Decade

To become a successful future leader, Morgan invites you to adopt four mindsets (“Explorer, Chef, Servant” and “Global Citizen”) and learn five core skills (“Coach, Futurist, Technology Teenager, Translator” and “Yoda”). To get started, here’s a brief overview of each mindset and skill:  


Mindset 1: The “Explorer,” gives leaders curiosity and adaptability.

Mindset 2: The “Chef,” finds a tasty balance between a firm’s human and technological needs (“HumanIT”).

Mindset 3: The “Servant,” supports other leaders, teams, clients, and him or herself.

Mindset 4: The “Global Citizen,” embraces varied experiences, cultures and perspectives.


Skill 1: The “Futurist,” prepares a firm by investigating scenarios and planning for many possibilities.

Skill 2: “Yoda,” uses emotional intelligence to create an environment of collaboration and psychological safety.

Skill 3: The “Translator,” listens and communicates effectively, aligning and connecting everyone in an organization.

Skill 4: The “Coach,” motivates, engages, inspires and teaches.

Skill 5: The “Technology Teenager,” engages fearlessly and playfully with technology.

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“Perception is reality, so if employees are saying that their organizations are not ready for the future of leadership, then they aren’t ready, regardless of how optimistic the CEO might be.” – Jacob Morgan

Perception is Reality

Do you agree that even one poor boss in your organization means risking employee job satisfaction, mental and physical health? Morgan’s publication includes the results of a 2018 poll that indicated only 19% of employees viewed their managers as mentors. Worldwide, nearly three-quarters of millennials expect to leave jobs because their employers don’t nurture their leadership potential. It is important for leaders and companies to examine practices to determine if they have the right “filters” to identify and develop high-quality leaders who are empowered to meet today’ and tomorrow’s business needs. Smart leaders know that they can have a big impact on employee retention, engagement, productivity and profits. Increasing globalization means today’s forward thinkers must be open to learning from, working with, and communicating with employees and clients from a variety of cultures.

Leadership Challenge: What steps will you take NOW to prepare for future trends within your corporation to help shape and impact the future of work in a positive way? 

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Brandon Rouse is an Executive within the RX Medical family of healthcare companies. He leads a diverse and growing team of professionals well-versed in the challenges facing healthcare today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, Brandon’s experienced team represents various technological and innovative medical solutions. Each company within the RX Medical family dedicates themselves to providing the best care possible while also creating a work environment that fosters career growth and an enjoyable work-life balance.