As a competitive organization eternally pursuing the quest for improvement, our leadership team understands that building a strong base is key to future success. Long term investments of both time and money into verified talent mining and extensive training of perspective candidates is a priority and the basis for the inception of the ZB RX Medical Device Sales Fellowship Program. 

The goal of the ZB RX Fellowship Program? To provide the fellows accepted into the program with a highly educational, interactive, and reflective experience in the field of medical device sales. Those prospects who interview and are admitted into our program should anticipate exposure to every aspect of the medical device sales and distributorship business, including in-depth training in office-based and surgical sales. 

ZB RX Fellowship Program

• The interview process is competitive. 

• If accepted into the ZB RX Fellowship Program, participants are paid.

• The training and course exposure is intensive and thorough. 

• Fellows will be tested on the knowledge and course materials provided. 

• Upon completion of the ZB RX Fellowship Program, prospects will have a thorough understanding of the medical device sales field. 

We are excited to announce that our first fellows recently completed Stage 1 of our Fellowship Program. Trust, reliability, and collaboration best describes the corporate culture at ZB RX, and the Fellows Program is a shining example of the collaboration between trainees and the ZB RX leadership team.

ZB RX Medical is a family-oriented, competitive organization that values creativity, self-leadership, and confident team members. ZB RX is now accepting resumes for the next Fellowship Program beginning in May 2021. Contact us @

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