Do you have an existing Ambulatory Surgical Center? Are you ready to open your own ASC? The ZB RX Medical team delivers the latest program Zimmer Biomet offers – ASC Solutions. By minimizing waste and supporting coordination and communication, the ASC Solutions program offers a customized experience for your surgical team and your patients – with measurable results.

Benefits of an Outpatient Program

Expanding your practice into an outpatient setting offers many benefits for you, your staff, and your patients. 

• Patients appreciate recovering in the comfort of home and reduced exposure to potential pathogens.

• Physicians appreciate increased efficiencies, autonomy and patient satisfaction.

• Care teams appreciate collaborative care and clear expectations.

• Administrative staff appreciates clear expectations, increased efficiency and autonomy, and increased communication.

Management Services

The ZB RX Medical team offers management services and metrics to determine those clinical pathways that are efficient and cost effective – and what operational processes are not working efficiently. We want to assist in allowing you to operate an agile facility with long-term success. 

By offering a team of experienced clinical, process and business specialists, we focus on the orthopedic episode of care including patient outcomes and process efficiency. 

Optimization Offerings with Zimmer Biomet

  • mymobility® improves patient care coordination from pre-surgical to post-operative 
  • Efficient Care program offer streamlined surgical trays 
  • Intra-operative surgery assisting technology
  • Infection management
  • Industry leading implants
Patients must have a compatible smart phone to utilize mymobility.
All names used in this document are fictitious. No identification with actual patients or health care professionals is intended or should be inferred. 

Results you can measure. A partnership you can trust.

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