After 20+ years of experience leading employees in the healthcare industry, I’ve learned that a key indicator of strong leadership often lies in how individuals treat their teams – especially during tumultuous times. Leaders bear responsibility for their teams’ safety and well-being, particularly in challenging times. When leaders foster a values-based environment and a people-first approach, everyone wins. Attracting and retaining talent requires organizations to provide purpose and meaning (not just a paycheck). Leaders who confront adversity with patience, empathy, and transparency tend to generate positive impacts within their workplace. These actions foster loyalty – a core component of effective leadership in today’s competitive business market.

Trusting relationships serve as the bedrock of effective leadership and successful partnerships. Leaders must rely on their teams, and reciprocally, teams must trust their leaders says Paul Epstein, author of The Power of Playing Offense; a Leader’s Playbook for Personal and Team Transformation. Epstein shares that trust is not imposed; it is earned through consistent, dependable action. It cannot be coerced; rather, it is nurtured through behavior that fosters belief in one’s reliability. In his publication, he shares four key elements of trust that leaders can leverage to build and sustain powerful teams below.

Key Elements of Trust

  1. Compassion: Listen attentively to others and empathize with their situations. Advocate for and support your team members, prioritizing their well-being.
  2. Character: Uphold honesty and honor commitments. Demonstrate the values you hope to model and acknowledge achievements with sincere praise.
  3. Competence: Execute your responsibilities with excellence and strive for continual improvement. Show ambition and assist others in achieving success.
  4. Consistency: Consistency, reliability, and predictability are paramount. Uphold core corporate values and make decisions with fairness and integrity.

To be an effective leader, recognize the contributions of all team members (not just star performers). To foster and maintain engagement, it’s essential for leaders to ensure employees feel valued and appreciated – daily. In short, employees need to know they matter.

đź“ŚLEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: What steps are you taking to foster trusting relationships in your workplace?

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