Did you know organizations with inclusive and diverse workplaces perform better? Studies suggest employees are more engaged and productive when leaders leverage a spirit of inclusivity in their communication style. If small changes in the way leaders communicate can raise inclusivity (and engagement) within an organization, what are some specific examples?

Incorporating Inclusive Communication: 3 Small Ways

1.    Recognize which colleagues would benefit from you including them on an email. Transform long emails into short data points (use bullets vs. paragraphs to convey information). If there is an expected response time, clarify this in your correspondence. Real-world example: Ensure your team knows that emails sent on a Saturday or Sunday don’t require an immediate answer. 

2.    Choose the right communication channel based on the content of your communication – email is not always best. Real-world example: Choose to discuss potentially emotional topics via personal conversation – a poignant reminder of the value of personal connection. Utilize texts or instant messages for quick requests only to avoid miscommunication.

3.    Evaluate if your office invites collaboration and creativity? In workplaces where traditional offices don’t encourage open dialogue (a closed-door risks employees feeling leaders are not approachable). Real-world example: Host short meetings and begin by stating the intention you have for the gathering. Invite all participants to express ideas during team meetings (tip: set equal time on the floor boundaries for sharing to ensure all voices have time to provide input). End meetings with a one-word wrap up that promotes employee engagement. 

Leadership Challenge: What small changes will you commit to make in your communication style to raise inclusivity levels in your workplace? 

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