RX Medical, a family of healthcare businesses, respects staying ahead of technology advancements to support surgeons we partner with across the country and more. My leadership team and I do our part to create a workplace that fosters quality service and a stewardship approach to building trust and integrity with our #1 asset – our employees. If being a good leader calls for caring about others through action, what are some ways those managing crucial responsibilities can adopt a stewardship mindset?

Stephen Covey, author and leadership expert, suggests there’s a leadership crisis across today’s business marketplace. In his publication, Trust and Inspire, he shares that even though our world has changed drastically, most leadership styles have not. Covey believes most organizations still operate from a model of “command and control” where the core focus remains on hierarchies and employee compliance – a drastically outdated approach. He invites us to explore top traits that support trust and inspiration including; holding yourself accountable for words and deeds, operating with full transparency (no hidden agendas), giving others the benefit of the doubt, admitting when you’re wrong, and keeping your promises.

A trust and inspire leadership strategy offers a fresh way to maximize possibilities for team growth because it can help make the most of people’s talents and empowers them to consistently give their best performance. This process offers employees a sense of purpose and can be a conduit to connect in meaningful ways.

3 Ways to Leverage a Stewardship Mindset

To be a trustworthy and inspiring leader, Covey offers three ways to adopt a stewardship approach to building trust and inspiring others:

Modeling: Stewards consistently model their “credibility and moral authority” and “behavioral virtues” as a leader. As the great humanitarian Albert Schweitzer said, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it’s the only thing.” The people you lead will model their behavior on your behavior, good or bad.

Trusting: Leading with trust means having confidence in the people around you and helping them grow. When you show the people you lead that you trust them, they will reciprocate. Your faith in your employees will encourage them to rise to the challenges of their work to demonstrate that they merit your trust.

Inspiring: Stewards connect with the individuals they lead, but they also feel connected to an elevated, inspirational purpose. In today’s chaotic world, inspirational leadership is quickly becoming a “strategic imperative.” 

LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: Do you agree with Covey’s trust and inspire approach to leading? If so, what steps will you take to demonstrate stewardship in your workplace?

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